Family Sharing

One Computer, multiple people. Managing many devices.

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Data Preservation & Archiving

Your Family Pictures and More.

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Senior Support

Demolishing the Digital Divide.

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E-Waste Pollution is a Problem

This post has NOTHING to do with Apple products or any sort of support issue. It does have to with a “Digital LifeStyle,” and that I have something to say about. There are many aspects of the digitization of our experiences is immensely helpful and empowering. I am certainly not a Luddite. There are some…

Stop Spam Calls!

A friend recently complained about all the spam calls they were getting, We all get them. Calls about our expiring auto warranty (I don’t even have a car!). How about the ones that have someone speaking Chineses trying to sell me something? They can be annoying. Even possibly interfering with an important call you may…