Stop Spam Calls!

A friend recently complained about all the spam calls they were getting, We all get them. Calls about our expiring auto warranty (I don’t even have a car!). How about the ones that have someone speaking Chineses trying to sell me something? They can be annoying. Even possibly interfering with an important call you may be waiting for. Oh that’s the worst.

There have been some commercial and even free services to help eliminate those calls. Remember most free software is getting revenue some other way.
My friend uses Verizon and installed NoMoRobo for free on the home line only to become seriously bombarded on the cell line. Anyone with access to your account status would be able to garner the cell number from the same provider. NoMoRobo gives landline protection away for free but charges for the Mobile App, $24/year. I know I’m cynical but…

If you are using an Apple iPhone, and you’ve updated to iOS 13, there is an aboard setting that you should try first before installing anything new to the phone. The switch is in Settings:Phone: and then down the list is Silence Unknown Callers. Once that switch is on all callers that are not listed in your Contacts will be sent straight to Voicemail. Of course this works best if your Apple Contacts Application is being utilized and is up to date. If you are using a third party Address Book you may find important calls going to VoiceMail.