MacMind Online is your access to a helpful Mac Guru with decades of support experience. MacMind Online can help you when technology “just isn’t working right.” MacMind Online LLC is solely owned and operated by A Michael Piper.

Apple Support is really good…

Apple offers excellent support, especially for the first year. And I will often recommend Apple Support as your first contact if your device is not working, or doing what is expected.
MacMind Online will help when Apple can’t. We’re here for everything else. Slow internet speeds? Poor WiFi coverage? Printer connection problems? Data preservation strategies? Pre-purchase advice. Help dealing with kids devices. Learning how to use the darn things. MacMind Online can help.

What I’ve done…

I’ve provided technical support for many years in corporate environments. As a member of different support teams I have always wondered how average consumers get by without the type of services I, and my fellow technicians, provided.

How I do IT.

One of the tools available is the ability to remotely see the employee’s screen and perform remedial tasks remotely. Apple Remote, Microsoft Remote, and Teamviewer, all can let a technician provide support without being at the location. MacMind Online offers such a service for you.

Outside of a corporate environment a consumer may have experienced remote support when troubleshooting an issue with an Internet provider. The thing is, specific product support within warranty coverage is usually available. There is typically little help out there for the people dealing with Digital Lifestyle issues.

Let me help you…

MacMind Online’s goal is to be that service, and at a reasonable cost. MacMind Online is utilizing the TeamViewer Quick Support product as the primary means of remote support. TeamViewer provides a secure encrypted connection from my computer (or iPad) to your computer or phone (for AR). TeamViewer also provides an AR [Augmented Reality] solution where we can use an App on your cell phone see what you are seeing and guide you to solve the issue.

Call ‭(516) 200-1090 [first 5 minutes are always free].