Family Sharing

One Computer, multiple people. Managing many devices.

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Data Preservation & Archiving

Your Family Pictures and More.

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Instructional Support

Dealing with the Generational Digital Divides.

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Take Control Books

As a strong proponent of self-sufficiency I highly recommend the Take Control series of publications. They are reasonably priced and focused enough that the detail provided is well worth the money. Exceptionally suited as you adopt any new tech. [Catalina anyone?] See if there is a Take Control Book for it [There is].Good chance you’ll…

Diagnostic Tools

Apple provides applications that tell you just about everything needed to know what’s going on with your computer. I typically will use one, or all, at some point when dealing with computer problems. The System Information Application is a great source of information about an Apple computer. you can find it in the Applications:Utilities folder…