iOS 14 and your choices

iOS 14 has been released and good chance your phone has already updated itself.

You will have a bunch of Privacy choices and you should READ each one before approving them. This permission will allow applications to access other devices on your network. This is great for controlling your lights and speakers (if those are the Apps asking for those Permissions). Facebook asks for this kind of Permission and I chose NO.

Facebook wants the Permission to broadcast to your TV. You will be able to grant that permission later if you so desire, or if you normally broadcast Facebook to your TV, then surely grant the permission. But otherwise READ the choice, think about why an App (and its Developers) might need to connect to other internet devices (if it’s supposed to inventory your Refrigerator then it needs access to your Network and the computer in it).

The following NYTime article does a great job of explaining all of the possibilities.

Apple has added these Privacy Protections for good reasons. Use appropriate discretion when granting Permission. You Default choice SHOULD be NO. If the App needs it it will tell you at the time and you can turn it back on.