First things first

The first thing I make clear to all clients is that there must be a reliable backup strategy for your Digital Lifestyle elements. Decades ago all our memories and important documents were stored on actual pieces of paper. Those would typically consist of just one copy of whatever it was – a picture, a deed or a love letter safely stored in a fireproof safe.

Today many of those things are saved as bits on digital storage mediums. The fantastic aspect of this reality is that digital information can be very easily duplicated and shared. The flip side is that it can also be easily destroyed. Some of us have experienced the dread of a spilt drink on a computer, or a phone soaked in a pool. A good Back Up makes those experiences less painful.

Apple Computers include the Time Machine feature and it should be used. That and Carbon Copy Cloner images to local drives are a good combination of Back Up tools. Add to them, some form of Cloud Storage (iCloud Photos/Drive, Google Photos/Drive or Dropbox are some suggestions) and you can be confident that the precious memories and important documents for your business or family will be saved for posterity.

MacMind Online can help you establish a data storage strategy designed to preserve the important elements of a modern digital lifestyle.

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