Unwanted Software Intrusions

I recently experienced the most intrusive attack of my web browser I’ve ever seen. IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED

Browser attack
Warning page for this attack

I’m running the latest version of macOS with all the latest updates. I was on Facebook when this Tab opened. Once you hit Close: that window closes and a threatening message with a count down timer starts –

It can happen to anyone… Don’t fall for the threat!

The short message is do not install any software under threat.

If you are using an Apple product the actual chance of anything like this being successful doesn’t exist. Your browser can be “hijacked” with lots of ads and general slowness and beachballs as long as you are connected to the internet, but you will not be “infected” with viruses or trojans.

Call ‭(516) 200-1090 [first 5 minutes are always free].
Email support@macmind.online

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