Ever Use a KVM?

I did.

As a technical professional I became used to using a KVM device (Keyboard:Video:Mouse) to access the various computers (typically just 2 at my desk but data centers can have one KVM for dozens of servers/computers). Sometime ago Keyboards went Bluetooth and Bluetooth KVM’s just didn’t exist. In data centers the connections are all wired, as such, so are the typical KVMs.

Life after wired Keyboards

Ended up in a multiple input device situation for a while. The laptop had its keyboard and trackpad. The Mac Mini (the media center) had a Bluetooth keyboard and Apple Trackpad. There is a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad (that I still use when mobile). Of course my other option is to use Screen Sharing but if one of the computers is doing something intensive the load for VNC just compounds the work.

Bluetooth challenges and solutions

That’s the way it was, until I found a Bluetooth keyboard that could ‘Pair’ with up to 4 different computers or devices. The Keyboard is the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard. I used this accessory for almost a year and I am very pleased with it. The MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iPad are all configured to work with it. I switch between them with the press of a button and a keypress activation for that channel and I’m typing where I want. Battery life has been fantastic, though there is no way to know, really. It hasn’t stopped working and connect with a mini USB plug over night occasionally and all is good.

Bluetooth switching heaven

I was still restricted with regards to the Mouse. So I’ve been on a search for a Bluetooth Mouse for a while and found one recently that I’ve been using long enough to appreciate it. The Mouse is the Logitech M720 Triathlon. After a little over a month of usage I can say I’m happy with it. I got it from Amazon for $20 less than what Logitech sells it for. It has 8 buttons but I still haven’t figured out how to program the others. The right and left clicks are as expected. There is a thumb button on the ergonomic grip that uses Mission Control to show all windows. But the magic is the button above the thumb that switches the output to 3 devices rather seamlessly.

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