Self Care is Smart Care

During the day to day uses of our computers and technology things sometimes don’t work as they should or as we expect them. We all have been told to power a device down to restart it. It is wonderful how technology can be designed to be almost self healing. Many times that is all that is needed to be able to go on using the computer as you’re used to.

When things are not operating as expected, (many beachballs and long delays between operations, unwanted windows opening, Applications not launching) you might need some help. Hopefully you have a backup so there is little chance of data loss.

One of the easiest “tricks” anyone can do to help an Apple Computer “fix” itself is to Boot the computer into “Safe Mode.” Safe Mode is one where the computer only uses Software that the Operating System recognizes as essential for its function. Apple “signs” all of the elements of the macOS so the computer can distinguish between third party and personal data and essential System Software. During that Booting, Cache file cleaning and Disk Repair processes are performed.

To initiate Safe Mode the computer must first be powered down (off). Be prepared to hold the left side Shift key down after touching the Power Button. As soon as you see the screen activate (glow) or hear the Startup Chime press and hold that left side Shift key. Do that until you see a Progress Bar under the Apple on the screen. Once the process is finished your computer should be at the Log In screen with the words “Safe Boot” in red in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sometimes it can be helpful to login at this point to see if an Application problem is alleviated in Safe Mode, (implicating a third party Application conflict), but typically it is best to Restart the Computer again and this time let it boot normally. Hopefully that little fix helps you out. If not feel free to reach out and see what else can be done.

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