Remote Support

How to get remote support with MacMind Online.

The first step is to call [516-962-2690] or email [] and make an appointment. There’s a good chance help will be right there. The goal is to respond to all requests for help within 2 hours.

Once we’re talking, we’ll take in your basic information and define the issue you are calling about. For problems with Internet connectivity we might want to use the Pilot Application so we can look at your connections and devices together. TeamViewer Pilot uses Augmented Technology [AR] and can be downloaded and installed from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. TeamViewer Pilot is also available on Windows and Blackberry platforms, as well.

Once we have you connected to the Internet you will want to download and install a diagnostic program I find very helpful and yet totally benign. That Application is called EtreCheck.

Run the EtreCheck Application. When it’s Done email me the report to It’s easy to do. Once the report is finished and EtreCheck is still running, goto the File Menu. Once there, goto Sharing and select email. Send the report to

One way to share the EtreCheck report with MacMind Online

You will then want to click this link to download the TeamViewer Quick Support App. The link will open a webpage with the MacMind Online icon saying it’s loading Teamviewer now. The linking and download process can take as long as 2 full minutes. You may then have to launch the Teamviewer Quick Support App from your Downloads folder (or whatever default location your browser is set for).

I can also email the link to your email address. That will download the MacMind Online Quick Support App.
Launch it by clicking on the TeamViewer icon in your Download location. At that point you might be asked to set the permissions to allow TeamViewer to control your computer. You will also need to click in a box allowing MacMind Online to access your computer. There can be no remote access until YOU authorize that action.