Family Sharing

One Computer, multiple people. Managing many devices.

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Data Preservation & Archiving

Your Family Pictures and More.

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Instructional Support

Dealing with the Generational Digital Divides.

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E-Waste Pollution is a Problem

This post has NOTHING to do with Apple products or any sort of support issue. It does have to with a “Digital LifeStyle,” and that I have something to say about. There are many aspects of the digitization of our experiences is immensely helpful and empowering. I am certainly not a Luddite. There are some…

Stop Spam Calls!

A friend recently complained about all the spam calls they were getting, We all get them. Calls about our expiring auto warranty (I don’t even have a car!). How about the ones that have someone speaking Chineses trying to sell me something? They can be annoying. Even possibly interfering with an important call you may…

Flattening the Digital Curve

I’m seeing concerns and complaints regarding the quality and availability of internet connections due to the Physical Isolation rules and now the impacts of weather. The truth is the infrastructure of the last mile providers isn’t developed to handle everyone on at the same time. That’s going to be different for different providers in different…